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2020 most popular pneumatic component guide


What is pnemactic component?

Pneumatic component is a pnemactic tool that does work through the pressure of the gas or the force generated by expansion. It is pnemactic component that converts the elastic energy of compressed air into kinetic energy, covering pnemactic cylinder, pneumatic motor, pnemactic steam engine and so on.

Pneumatic element is a form of power transmission, it is also as an energy conversion device, using gas pressure to transfer energy.

There are a wealth of pneumatic components from pneumatic component manufacturer, mainly embodied by two or three pneumatic filter, pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic trachea, pneumatic trachea joint, pneumatic solenoid valve, pneumatic air control valve, pneumatic foot valve hand valve, pneumatic buffer, pneumatic throttle valve, pneumatic pressure regulator and other auxiliary pneumatic components.

Safe tips 

Pneumatic component disassembly needs to pay attention to a lot of safety knowledge, from convenience, you can follow 3 steps to determine pneumatic component disassembly, the details are done in good condition.

1. Pneumatic components before disassembly

A. Before removing pneumatic components, it is necessary to clean pollutants on pneumatic components and equipment, pay attention to cleanliness of surrounding environment

B. When power and air supply are turned off, make sure that driving object has been prevented from falling and runaway handling

C. Check whether all compressed air has been removed (note: all pneumatic parts must be strictly checked to remove remaining pressure, such as whether pressure gauge is returned to zero, only close globe valve, do not need to check whether air source is intercepted.)

Safe tips 

2. Safety considerations during disassembly of pneumatic components

A. Loosen each screw slowly to prevent excess pressure

B. Disassemble pneumatic components as a unit, and check whether pneumatic components are damaged or deformed while disassembling them (note: there must be no scratches on the inner side of pneumatic cylinder and on the outside of piston rod, and related pneumatic components sealed out should be carefully checked).

D. For better assembly, disassembled components shall be arranged in order of pneumatic components (note: for cleanliness, hose and nozzle shall be protected with a clean cloth).

Safe tips

3. Pneumatic components are disassembled after completion

In the last step, AIRWOLF reminds that when removed pneumatic components need to be used again, pneumatic components can be washed with high quality kerosene and cleaning liquid, rubber and plastic parts should not be cleaned with gasoline and other organic solvents.

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