5 activists arrested: sc orders house arrest till september 6, says dissent is \'safety valve of democracy\'

by:AIRWOLF     2019-08-29
The Supreme Court noted that the objection was a \"safety valve for democracy\" and noted that it would erupt if there was no objection.
On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ordered a deal with Bhima-
The Koregaon case should be under house arrest until September 6, the date of the next hearing.
The Supreme People\'s Court today called for five human rights activists suspected of working with Bhima-
The Koregaon violence case was placed under house arrest until September 6, calling the objection a \"safety valve\" for democracy \".
Five activists will be placed under house arrest under police surveillance.
A judge led by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra challenged the Maharashtra Police because \"the objection is a democratic safety valve and if you don\'t allow those safety valves, it will say to him, it also includes judge harnavelkar and judge chandrakud.
The Supreme Court also issued a notice to the Maharashtra government and state police on the matter, including historian Romila Thapar and economist Prabhat Patnaik and Devika Jain, against the arrest of rights activists related to the case yesterday.
Activist Sudha Bhardwaj (PTI)
Counsel appearing in court for Maharashtra raised the question of the maintenance of pleading guilty, saying that a \"stranger\" could not seek relief for activists who were already close to the high court.
A senior police officer in Pune said the Telugu poet Rao and activists could be made in court later in the day.
Two other persons arrested on suspicion of connection with the Maoists were Bharadwaj, a trade union and lawyer in Faridabad, and Navlakha, a civil liberties activist in Delhi.
Navaha and balladwayi are restricted to their homes under the protection of the police and are only allowed to meet with their lawyers.
Prominent historian Romila Thapar and four others have filed a lawsuit against the arrest of police in Maharashtra in the Supreme Court.
The petition was mentioned before the age of five.
The bench, led by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra, agreed to hold an emergency hearing at 3: 00 today. 45 pm. (Image source: PTI)
The petition referred to by Abhishek sinsinghvi, a senior defense lawyer, seeks to release all five people and conduct an independent investigation into the arrest.
At the same time, the Delhi High Court will hear the request of navaraha in the afternoon after the Maharashtra police submitted the case translation documents are not ready.
\"The whole case is a political strategy of this government full of retaliation and cowardice against dissidents, and it is committed to blocking the real culprit of Bhima Koregaon, thus diverting attention from scams and failures from Kashmir to Kerala, \"Navlakha said in a statement issued by the civil rights organization People\'s Democratic Rights Alliance, who is part of the organization.
Strict security measures were deployed outside the Nehru enclave where he was heavily blocked.
Outsiders are not allowed to enter and several media trucks are stationed outside.
Navlakha\'s transit remand was assured from the Saket District Court to bring him to Pune.
However, the order was put on hold by the High Court.
For those who follow the Bharadwaj case, this is a dramatic night of development.
The chief justice in Faridabad approved the transfer of remand by Bharadwaj to police in Maharashtra.
However, it had to revoke the order in the early hours of Wednesday as instructed by the High Court of Punjab and Haryana, which had remand her transit for three days.
More near at the same time
City raids on five people and four others are part of an investigation into violence between Dalit and Koregaon\'s upper caste Peshwas --
On December 31, an event called Elgar Parishad or conclave took place in the village of Bhima near Pune.
According to the FIR registered in Pune Vishrambaug police station after the incident, a provocative speech was made in the Elgar Parishad incident, which triggered violence. Koregaon-
Bhima has a central position in Dalit history--
It witnessed an important battle in which the British Army, composed of a large number of Dalit soldiers, defeated the Peshwa rulers in January 1, 1818.
Every year, the anniversary of the battle is gathered by the Dalits in Pune to go to Koregaon-
Bhima war memorial.
Rao, Bhardwaj, Ferreira, Gonzalves and Navalakha were arrested under section 153rd of IPC (A)
An official said that this involves promoting hostility between different groups on the grounds of religion, race, place or birth, residence, language, and taking actions that are not conducive to maintaining harmony.
Under some other parts of the IPC, illegal activities have also been arrested (Prevention)
The official, without giving details, said to take action for their \"so-called nasal activity.
According to unconfirmed reports, the others who were raided yesterday were Susan Abraham of Goa, Kranthi Tekula and Anand Teltumbde.
Yesterday\'s incident reflected the raid in June, when five activists linked to Koregaon were arrested --Bhima violence.
Dalit activists Sudhir Dhawale were arrested at his home in Mumbai, and lawyers Surendra Gadling activists Mahesh Raut and Shoma Sen were arrested at their apartments in Munirka, Delhi, on June.
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