A solution to the electromagnetic valve failure fault

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Solution to the electromagnetic valve failure fault time, find out the questions existing in the logic valve after consideration, if the valve is to design, not only the cycle is long, and the product of capital will greatly advance, to shorten the product development time and save money, the ultimate decided to adopt the 'boat' way to solve this topic is not changing the structure of the logic valve, the valve in the six control oil on the tee joint on reload respectively, then raises six lines and connect two groups of sanlian one-way valve, respectively, to make by the joint two after the check valve pipe respectively connected to the two unloading on the solenoid valve, solenoid valve and logic of the two unloading the unloading valve solenoid valve is overloaded unloading electromagnetic valve and the unloading electromagnetic valve has the same function. According to the principle diagram, the torque limiter of unloading electromagnetic valve to provide electrical signals, unloading electromagnetic valve as often without electricity, namely the unloading loop disconnect, and once the torque limiter to provide electrical signals, unloading electromagnetic valve is electricity, realize the reversing, jaw crusher broken through to unloading loop destroying machine to do this, the logic valve side of the line, T1) Disconnect, then to manipulate found when the torque limiter is not issuing commands, overload unloading electromagnetic valve Y1 without electricity, electromagnetic valve no reversing, pressure oil flow out when the machine into the overload condition, the valve electric immediately have hydraulic oil issue from the line. Then, from two aspects of circuit and the fluid way to check for detecting circuit is the purpose of screening torque limiter and the limit switch should provide the panel light alarm signal at the same time, whether can also pass electrical signals to the unloading electromagnetic valve, if can, will be connected to unloading loop, achieve safe unloading, otherwise, the safety of unloading will fail. Crawler mobile crusher pilot control hydraulic system, is often used to manipulate the quiet, the characteristic of micro. The system for possible of main and deputy lifting hoist overload or truss arm luffing up dangerous working conditions, such as adopt the safety pilot control oil unloading way to prevent principle namely, through the torque limiter, unloading valve solenoid valve and logic or overload limit switch, Yang combination of unloading valve solenoid valve and logic, ensure happen overload or lifted up false manipulation can be reliably accomplish safety when unloading, prevent accidents. 6 mpa pilot pressure can be open, confirmed the suspect accurate, just because of the logic valve inside the back pressure is larger, unloading problems occurred. This suggests that the torque limiter logical order of normal program, and unloading solenoid valve work is normal in the same way, to control the limit switch of upward unloading and back unloading electromagnetic valve Y2 inspections, work is normal, therefore, rule out the possibility of a circuit is faulty hammer play sand machine. And that the two unloading electromagnetic valve with two unloading on the logic valve solenoid valve parallel relations are formed in the circuit and the liquid on the road, constitute two groups all have the same protection function of solenoid valve group, once a torque limiter or limit switch signal, have the same effect of parallel unloading electromagnetic valve group will reverse at the same time, ensure the normal unloading, block the main lines, quickly make mobile crusher in overload or dangerous working conditions, such as unable to inherit crusher price. A crawler mobile crusher in the process of trial production safety experiments found in the overload or their homework, indoor the indicator lights on the panel is already alarm operation, but still can inherit the manipulation, explain the safety protection device of the unloading failure. This topic analysis, electric or hydraulic system failure on the system, can lead to safety unloading failure spiral classifier. The improved experiment, the effect is very good at the same time in the light of the panel, overloaded assignment or overhead can inherit, achieved the purpose of security and protection.
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