actuating cylinder assembliesand safety relief valves and ...

by:AIRWOLF     2019-08-28
Awarded contract light, circular light, fog light, sign light for execution of cylinder assembly and safety valve, ball valve and fluid filter element and vehicle direction light, hydraulic tank and electronic component assembly, sleeve gasket, round headlights and non-metallic hose assembly.
20 purchase orders.
Category: fire fighting equipment contract period: 12-Jun-2013 to 27-Jul-
2013 contract amount :(AUD)$29650.
49 Source: Note: This material may change and all details should be verified on the AusTender website.
Contractor name: SASGAR Fire & Rescue CO. , Ltd. Contractor address: 4009 state/region QLD Agency: Defense Materials organization Contact: Dmo Austender-
Contact Email: Dmo.
Austender @ Austender. Gov.
US Postal Code: 2600 country: 2013 Al Bawaba (Australia), Australia)Albawaba. com)
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