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AD Series Airtac Shock Absorber Buffering  Air Cylinder Shock Absorber AD2525
AD Series Airtac Shock Absorber Buffering Air Cylinder Shock Absorber AD2525
Minimum Order Quantity
1 piece
Packaging Details
Plastic bags,Boxes, Cartons, Pallets,or according to customer's requirement
Delivery Time
within 1-10 working days after payment
Payment Terms
T/T , Western Union,Paypal
T/T, Western Union
Place of Origin
Ningbo, Zhejiang
Material: Carbon steel
Certification: CE, CQC
Availability: OEM
Delivery Time: 5 days
Supply Ability: 2000pcs/Month
Detailed Description

As kinetic energy of moving object can notbe absorbed, it has been stored temporarily,therefore following the increase of the stroke,counter - acting force is getting strongerand stronger. It reaches an summit when itcomes to the stroke end. It finally andinevitably rebounds and causes themechanical damage.Shock absorber can absorb the kineticobject energy as soon as possible. It convertsto heat energy and sends out to the air.Therefore the object shows linear decelerationin the whole stroke. It finally and smoothlyslides and stops.


Material:Carbon steel


Head of the buffer:Nylon

Number of slides:300 W


Max.impact speed:3.6

It enhances the productivity: As shock absorber can smoothly stop the impaction, therefore it greatly enhancesthe production efficiency of the machine and equipment in HF and high speed operation.
It prolongs the mechanical life: As the buffer absorbs the impaction energy, it greatly reduces the impact and shockof kinetic object to the machine. It avoids the mechanical damage due to any impact I shock. It reduces the repaircost, prolongs the service life of the machine, brings about less after sale services.
It enhances the product quality: As the buffer removes the shocking noise and destructive impact by the impaction,it brings about the smooth machine I equipment operation. Therefore it naturally enhances the product quality.
It greatly reduces the noise, offers a peaceful operating environment.


Before use, please firstly confirm the carrier strength. Under the conditions of insufficient carrier strength, it will causethe mechanical damage.

Please pay attention to eccentric and eccentric angle.

Shock absorber can not be used as safety device. External safety device shall be adjusted 1mm before the stroke. (If use positioning nut)

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