Adjustable relief valve series of pressure solution of the problem

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
The string of adjustable pressure relief valve pressure problem, is not a common phenomenon, but also possible failure problem, as users, we still need to take a look at, and to grasp the cause analysis and solving ability: in the process of using adjustable relief valve why series pressure to be the problem? Due to relief valve section after the pipeline rupture, shut off the P1 valve door or overhaul, pumping A pump stop running, lead to valve after pressure relief valve section after the water pressure is very low or even atc. Back to normal water supply, the pressure reducing valve in front of the section of the valve open A door suddenly opened or pumping station pumps, pressure reducing valve in front of the section pressure increases quickly, the adjustable pressure reducing valve in front of the pipe section and in A short period of time between section after large differential pressure, pressure relief valve to work, pressure relief valve cavity is very small, is driven by the pressure of the larger relief valve was forced open, lead to pressure reducing valve door after pressure into balance, short-term relief valve failure, namely series of pressure. If appear, and how to solve? The following summarizes three kinds: 1, based on the relief valve working principle, installing a pressure relief valve after pressure relief valve, when after the pressure relief valve pressure is higher than the P2, open a pressure relief valve pressure relief, protection of a village's normal supply pressure. 2, shorten the time series of pressure by other means, to make it close to zero. 3, according to the working principle of the adjustable pressure relief valve properly increase the conductivity of the valve and pipe diameter, reduce inferior vena achieve pressure balance on time, or tends to zero time lag. Through practice verification, described above, the second solution is one of the largest, the most economical and practical can through the drain valve, quickly open, make diaphragm chamber pressure is greater than the inferior vena, prompted adjustable relief valve quickly returned to normal. Series of pressure time basic is zero.
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