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Aluminium alloy pneumatic air cylinder for Cement plant

Aluminium alloy pneumatic air cylinder for Cement plant

Cylinders are widely used in industrial automation control. Including some large power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, etc. Now, cylinders have become mainstream actuators for handling in industrial production at home and abroad, and even playgrounds have cylinder applications. Its popular application has greatly improved industrial production efficiency.

The cylinders are mainly used in conjunction with solenoid valves during use, and are connected to each other through a gas pipe and a fitting. The pressure in the cylinder is controlled by the switch of the solenoid valve. When the solenoid valve is opened, the cylinder is filled with clean compressed air, the piston is pressed, and the piston rod is pushed forward to reach the designated position to stop. When the solenoid valve is reversed, the other side of the piston will be filled with compressed gas. Remove, then the piston retracts to guide the piston rod back and complete a job.

It is mainly composed of a cylinder, an end cover, a piston, a piston rod and a seal, and the material is an aluminum alloy. The structure is simple and easy to produce. During use, it converts the pressure energy of the compressed gas into a mechanical. No pollution, low noise, easy to install, safe, clean and hygienic. Compared to other actuators, it does not require electricity, does not require fuel, and only requires clean compressed air.

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