Ammonia is special ball valve door and the use of the ammonia pressure relief valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
Ammonia for the use of ammonia pressure relief valve and ball valve door method: 1, according to the different using requirements, ammonia ammonia and pressure relief valve ball valve configuration on both sides, there are many specifications. Highest ammonia pressure relief valve inlet pressure mostly, the minimum inlet pressure not less than 2 of outlet pressure. 5 times. 2, when installing ammonia ball valve shall determine whether the connection specification is consistent with the joint and use the system. Ammonia connected by half spherical ball valve, screw the nut on the two perfectly match. Therefore, when use should remain on the surface of the two hemispheres is bright and clean, in order to ensure a good airtight effect. Before the installation can use high pressure gas blowing dust. When necessary, can be materials such as ptfe gasket. 3, ammonia ball valve should be forbidden contact grease, in order to avoid fire accidents. 4, stop working, the residual gas in the ammonia pressure relief valves should be put the net, then loosen the adjusting screw to avoid elastic element compression deformation for a long time. 5, ammonia ball valve should avoid impact vibration, cannot be in contact with corrosive substances.
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