An overview of the two three or five electromagnetic valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
An overview of the two three or five solenoid valve in the gas path ( Or hydraulic) Two, the 3-way magnet valve (with an air inlet ( Answer the intake air) And an air flow, For a target device source) And a vent ( General installation a muffler, if afraid of noise also can not pack) 。 Two five-way solenoid valve has an air inlet ( Answer the intake air) , a positive action air flow and a reactionary to porosity ( Respectively for a target device is a reverse action air) , a positive motion vents and a reverse action vent ( Install the muffler) 。 For small automatic control equipment, trachea ~ mm is generally selected industrial glue. Two on the electrical, the 3-way magnet valve (for single electric control (commonly The one coil) , the two five-way solenoid valve for double electric control (commonly The double coil) 。 Generally USES DCV coil voltage grade, ACV and listed. Two of the 3-way magnet valve (divided into normally closed type and open type two kinds, puffing normally closed type refers to the coil not electricity, road is broken, often refers to the coil type of oil-gas no electricity road is connected. Normally closed type two behavior principle to coil the 3-way magnet valve (electricity, gas path connected, once the coil power, gas path will disconnect, this is equivalent to 'point'. Normally open type two tee single electric solenoid valve movement theory to coil electricity, gas circuit disconnect, once the coil power outages, gas path would be switched on, this is the 'point'. Two five principle of double electric control electromagnetic valve action to is energized coil, is action gas path connected ( Positive action air flow have spirit) , even give is action coil after power is action gas path is still on, will be maintained until to reverse action coil current. To the coil current, while the action gas path connected ( The reactionary to porosity have spirit) Power, even to the coil after the action is still connected, gas path will be maintained to give positive action coil current. This is equivalent to 'lock'. Based on two five-way this feature of the double electric solenoid valve, or in the design of the mechanical and electrical control circuit of PLC program, can let the solenoid coil moves to seconds, so that we can protect the solenoid coil is not easy to damage. Over the years, the electromagnetic valve is always focus on the needs of customers, ongoing solenoid valve product research and development and innovation, a number of technology research at the international advanced level and domestic leading level. Please contact details about the electromagnetic valve manufacturing technology director wang
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