Analyses the reason of electromagnetic valve cannot be locked when the power is cut off

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Analysis of solenoid valve solenoid valve could not be locked in the time when the power is power could not be locked in the analysis of the user in the use of electromagnetic valve often appear the phenomenon of electromagnetic valve is closed when the power is lax, valves closed is not cut off, the fault causes electromagnetic valve still has medium flow in the case of power cuts. Encountered such a situation from the following several aspects to screen the first user should determine the structure of the solenoid valve and selection, look to whether direct acting solenoid valve structure suitable for the operating conditions of limited use pressure, usually is zero or low pressure; And guiding type solenoid valve need before and after the valve has a certain pressure difference can be normal use. Inspection on the installation of the solenoid valve, such as the direction of the fluid is consistent with the body direction arrow, whether the operation according to the requirements of specification. Electromagnetic valve internal balance of holes, the guide hole or blockage in a pilot valve mouth easily, so want to check whether the fluid is clean, not to particulate impurities, fluid viscosity and to meet the requirements. Check the solenoid valve diaphragm or piston seal components whether have damage, if discovery is unusual, to change in time; Check electromagnetic valve seals, look to whether with the actual work pressure, work temperature don't match. According to the procedures of solenoid valve to conduct a comprehensive screening, can find out the cause of the problem, let the solenoid valve to return to work as soon as possible. Solenoid valve factory is a national high-tech enterprise, the production of various series solenoid valve belongs to high-tech products. Administrative office in a factory phone
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