And what is the difference between the line with rubber butterfly valve fluorine-butterfly butterfly valve?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Fluorine-butterfly butterfly valve and rubber lining the difference between a lot of people don't know, this article introduce every instrument valve will service for you. First of all, fluorine-butterfly butterfly valve and rubber lining is through its sealing material to distinguish different, their sealing material is different, also has the difference, applicable occasions fluorine-butterfly butterfly valve is generally used in corrosive medium environment, while the line with rubber butterfly valve used in the working condition of weak acid weak base medium such as water. The sealing material in the line with rubber butterfly valve are: hard rubber NR applicable temperature: - 10℃~85℃; Soft rubber BR applicable temperature: - 10℃~85℃; Butyl rubber IIR applicable temperature: - 10℃~120℃; Neoprene CR applicable temperature: - 10℃~105℃; Fluorine-butterfly butterfly valve sealing material has: poly perfluorinated ethylene FEP ( F46) Temperature: - 85℃~150℃; Poly (tetrafluoroethylene PTFE ( F4) Temperature: - 200℃~180℃; Gather three fluoride PCTEF ( F3) Temperature: - 195℃~120℃; Polypropylene RPP temperature: - 14℃~80℃; PVC hard) PVC use temperature: 0 ℃ - 55℃; Poly (vinylidene chloride PVDF ( F2) Temperature: - 70℃~100℃; Polyolefin PO to use temperature: - 58℃~80℃。
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