Any engineers can help install valved pulse jet plans ?
In the post-processing of the air pressure station, the filter accuracy is 3 mu, one is 1 mu, and the other is 0.01 mu. I don't know what these three are filtering. 3 μ is 3 microns, mainly filtering with coarse precision before cold melt, solid impurities above 3 microns, large drops of oil, etc., 1 μ and 0.01 μ are precision filters, generally used in combination with the front end of the gas point, most impurities, liquid oil and water, even bacteria, can be filtered out. The suction pump needs to place a filter of 0.01 μ on the front end, mainly for oil removal, and 1 μ on the back end, in order to remove the dust impurities of molecular sieve powder. Refer to iso8573-1

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How can efficient water filters be made by hand? I don't know what your filter is.Some time ago, when I was in class, I led the children to make a water filter,I don't know if I can help you: use four disposable plastic cups,Each bottom has a lot of needles,Then put gauze,Put stones in the first cup,Put sand in the second cup,The third Cup has a broken cloth head in it,Put cotton in the fourth cup,The material inside each cup is clean,Filter the water from the cups with stones, sand, broken cloth heads and cotton in turn,Then you can get clean water.I don't know if this can help you.
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