Any good manufacturers for pneumatic components oem ?
AIRWOLF CO, LTD upholds a fearless spirit towards making mistakes and constantly seeks innovations. Based on that, we overcome various difficulties during the development. We gain numerous honorary qualifications in the industry. AIRWOLF has a great geographical location with quite a few railways and highways nearby, which provides convenience for transportation. AIRWOLF has professional engineers and technicians, so we are able to provide one-stop and comprehensive solutions for customers. Highly reliable ODM services are also available in .

What kind of equipment is good for purifying tap water or well water? What is the price of water purification equipment? There are a lot of chlorine and various ionic impurities in tap water,There are many iron and manganese elements and fluorine in the well water. drinking such well water for a long time will have serious harm to the human body.You must pass the well water filter before you can drink it.The process of Changsha shuize environmental protection well water filter is as follows,The water quality after filtration of well water can be guaranteed.1. quartz sand filter.The raw water is sent to the quartz sand filter through the slurry pump to remove the sediment, rust, large particles, suspended substances, algae and other harmful substances in the water.2. activated carbon filter.The adsorption capacity of activated carbon is relatively strong.Activated carbon can absorb residual chlorine and odor in water, which shows the importance of activated carbon filter.3. water softener.The hardness of

What is the working principle and structure characteristic of high efficiency fiber bundle filter? The high-efficiency fiber bundle filter cancels the system of 'water filling with bags,The equipment consists of fixed porous plate, movable porous plate, fiber bundle filter material and gas distribution device.Movable porous plates can be moved up and down,When filtering,Under hydraulic action,The gap in the direction of the filter flow gradually becomes smaller from large to small,The density of the fiber increased,Forming an ideal level of filtering,The filtration process has both vertical and deep filtration,And horizontal deep filtration,The filtering accuracy and speed are improved effectively;When cleaning,To make the fiber bundle loose,At the same time,Using the method of air-water washing,In the process of bubble gathering and hydraulic flushing,The fiber bundle is in a state of constant jitter,Under the action of hydraulic and rising bubbles,Backwashing filter material makes it regenerate.1
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