Application and principle of electromagnetic valve in the field of air separation is introduced as follows

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Application and principle of the electromagnetic valve is introduced in the field of air separation as solenoid valve solenoid valve in the field of air separation machinery small day solenoid valves are widely used in our production, we in the maintenance of production must have met a lot of questions about the solenoid valve, also deal with all kinds of fault, we also must have accumulated a lot of experience regarding the handling of electromagnetic valve failure, and I in the maintenance treatment solenoid valve failure relative to other instrument control failure is relatively small, and now I was with you on this question discussion, eager to learn from you more experience and improve together. We had a preliminary understanding, for electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve, is composed of electromagnetic coil and core consists of one or a few holes of the body. When the coil electricity or without electricity, magnetic core operation will lead to flow through the valve body or is cut off, in order to change the direction of flow. Electromagnetic valve electromagnetic components by the fixed core, moving iron core, coil and other parts; Body parts by a valve core, valve cover, spring base, etc. The electromagnetic coil is directly installed on the valve body, the body is enclosed in a sealed tube, constitute a combination of a simple, compact. We commonly used in the production of the solenoid valve have two three links, two cross, two five. Here to talk about the meaning of the two for electromagnetic valve is charged with electricity, for the control valve is opened and closed. We oxygenerator instrument control system, two the 3-way magnet valve (use most, it can be used to connect or cut off in production gas source, and control of pneumatic membrane pneumatic switch. It consists of the valve body, valve cover, electromagnetic component, spring and sealing parts, such as the structure moving iron core seal at the bottom of the block with the aid of the pressure of the spring will shut valve inlet. After electrify, electromagnet suction, upper moving iron core with a spring sealing piece close vent, air flow from the inlet into the film, the control effect. Disappear when losing electricity, electromagnetic force, under the action of spring force of moving iron core leave fixed iron core, move down, open the vent, plug the air inlet, membrane air flow through the vent discharge, diaphragm to restore the original position.
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