Application of electromagnetic valve: open valve, water valve closed antifreeze

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Electromagnetic valve application valve open water valve closed antifreeze in Qingdao daily admin time blast has recently led to water pipe, water meter burst, causing a lot of waste water and house home, work, and learning to inconvenience,, three houlihan lokey machinery technology co. , LTD. Weifang and Qingdao institution of civil building engineering water supply and drainage professional committee held in Qingdao 'three houlihan lokey frost valve new technology promotion seminar'. Live show of freeze protection for water pipe frost valve, hydrant, high-tech products, like solar antifreeze solenoid valve interest of participants. Weifang houlihan lokey in years and Japanese Hokkaido waterway machine materials companies and technical cooperation, combined with the independent research and development ability, developed the freeze protection for water pipe frost valve, hydrant, solar antifreeze solenoid valve high-tech products and has won the national patent, won the acceptance certificate issued by the association of waterway in northern Japan. The product through the optimization of body structure design, make the water supply and drainage functions set at an organic whole, effective implementation, synchronization, realized the 'open valve, water valve closed antifreeze' use effect. According to introducing, at present has formed production capacity of multiple specifications of the products, can be widely used in building, rural courtyard, public square, schools, government agencies, hospitals, kindergartens and nursing homes, industrial and mining factory, port warehouse, landscape, public toilets and so on all kinds of tap water pipe, heat pipe, solar water heater fluctuation conduit, fire control pipe in the pipe system such as water supply to prevent the pipe water meter and so on because of the low temperature freezing frost crack. Qingdao city water supply and drainage, director of professional committee of the institution of civil building engineering Liu Jieru said the weifang houlihan lokey frost valve products of the company will provide more reference to engineering design, for the whole water supply and drainage industry and even the society is also a very good promotion.
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