Are we informed about pneumatic vibration weight and volume after shipment?
What are the use of stainless steel filter cartridge? Filtration and separation of catalyst;High temperature gas filtration of petrochemical industry,Filtration of tail gas from boiling bed of stainless steel filter tube petrochemical plant,Filtration of catalytic cracking slurry;Purification of high temperature flue gas in metallurgical industry;Filtration of other high temperature gases and liquids;High temperature in petrochemical industry,Filtration of corrosion liquid and catalyst;Filtration and purification of various polymer melts in chemical fiber film industry;Filtration separation of various catalysts in the pharmaceutical industry;For gas distribution,Liquid bed plate material;For high pressure backwashing oil filter, etc;A variety of grout used to filter edible oil, beverages and consumption;It is used to purify and filter sewage.

AIRWOLF CO, LTD actively carries out considerate service for customers satisfactions. Call! A Specialized Manufacturer of pneumatic vibration After being improved greatly, AIRWOLF's solenoid valve coil is more advantageous in the following aspects. AIRWOLF has professional engineers and technicians, so we are able to provide one-stop and comprehensive solutions for customers.

Hello teacher, can I use the ordinary air compressor to inflate the industrial oxygen cylinder, 12 pressures, small noodles Yes.But the average machine can only hit up to eight pressing air.The air compressor Kunshan hangong now has an ordinary high-pressure air compressor on the market,You can check it out.
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