Article read electric difference between valve and pneumatic valves

by:AIRWOLF     2021-01-25
Pneumatic and electric valves, what is the difference between what they each have advantages and disadvantages, are suitable for use in any occasion, this article will introduce for you. < br / >
electric gate valve is a kind of linear motion of the valve, it has to do with Z type rotary actuators are more suitable, had an 'on/off' switch and intelligent. The valve operation simple is a kind of common 朂 on-off valve, which makes use of the upper and lower ram working fluid in the pipeline to switch on and off. Widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, paper making, sewage treatment and other departments. < br / >
pneumatic gate valve is pneumatic actuators with double cylinder, and manual with buffering mechanism and its protection agency, the valve with double cylinder structure, its compared with single cylinder type pneumatic gate valve, the doubling of lifting force. This is fundamentally solved some of the single cylinder pneumatic valve body wedge die and won't open. < br / >
the article read electric valves with pneumatic valve is the difference between < br / >
the difference between electric valves and pneumatic valves: < br / >
1 in the moment than electric valve, pneumatic valve, pneumatic valve switch action can adjust speed, simple structure, easy maintenance, action for buffer characteristics of the gas itself in the process, not easy to damage due to get stuck, but must have a gas source, and its control system is more complicated than the electric valve. Pneumatic valve response is sensitive, safe and reliable, many factory of high control requirements for pneumatic instrumentation control components set the compressed air station. Pneumatic valve actuator power supply for gas source, gas source comes from air compressor, the locator converts electrical signals into the pneumatic control signal, drive the pneumatic actuators which can adjust the valve position.

< br / >
2, electric valve actuators are source of power for power supply, if the circuit board or motor failure prone to spark, so commonly used in the environmental requirements is not high and there is no danger of pneumatic actuators and electric actuators to adjust performance comparison, pneumatic actuators response speed faster, more suitable for application in operating conditions, so the manufacturer of the regulator are produced at the same time a set with pneumatic actuators. < br / >
3, the regulation of electric actuators response fast enough, on regulating valve with pneumatic actuator than electric actuator applications. < br / >
4 pneumatic valves, electric valves and the essence of the difference between using a different drive, also is the executing agency, the regulator itself has no difference. Cooperate with different working condition of actuators is mainly, such as chemical explosion-proof required, use 朂 more is pneumatic valve, because of the high security requirements, and the price is cheap, with intelligent positioner on can bus, control method is also simple. < br / >

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