asco introduces high-flow, extended-life steam and hot water solenoid valve.

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-16
ASCO, the world\'s leading manufacturer of solenoid valves, introduced high todayflow, extended-
Life 8220 series solenoid valves for steam and hot water applications.
Robert Kemple, executive vice president of sales and marketing at ASCONumatics, said: \"The new 8220 Valve offers a flow rate of up to 60%, exceeding the competitor\'s products, thus increasing the original equipment manufacturer\'s productsAmericas.
\"The valve has a long design life and is easy to install and maintain, thus providing the lowest total cost of ownership. Its ultra-
\"The reliable structure is under pressure from steam and hot water services, four times longer than other valves,\" Kemple said . \".
The 8220 series valves are ideal for manufacturers who produce sterilizer, laundry, dishwasher, boiler and food preparation equipment.
One valve can be used for both steam and hot water, which helps manufacturers to reduce their inventory.
The DC structure is now available for systems that require quiet operation.
Pipe sizes are available from 3/8 \"to 2 1/2 \".
For more information, please contact ASCO at 800-972-ASCO or 973-966-2000. E-mail: info-valve@asco.
Website: www. ascovalve.
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