Automatic self-cleaning filter to improve water utilization structure

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Water use structure optimization become the important ways to solve water shortage. In the case of limited water resources, optimize the structure of water use, reduce water consumption, reasonable recycling, automatic self-cleaning filter to solve this problem better measures are put forward. Automatic self-cleaning filter can improve the efficiency of water use, open the second water source, effectively solve the water crisis. In addition, still can save water flow, increasing the reliable water supply. Is advantageous to the urban water pollution treatment, development of sewage processing base. Automatic self-cleaning filter through the filter structure, effective filtering suspended particles in water, greatly reduces the water turbidity, through the filter to filter processing, can be harmful material such as algae bacteria corrosion in water filtration, purification of makes water to a large extent. Through its filtering water, can meet the national discharge standards, the reduced pressure to natural environment. Automatic self-cleaning filter valve door adopt the structure of the automatic filter cleaning, after the water filtering residual impurities accumulate in the filter structure, can automatically filter cleaning, to exclude outlet of backwash by impurities. So the structure of the province province, for enterprise development has brought the convenience. Automatic self-cleaning filter for its various advantages favored by the companies, for the enterprise of water utilization structure more reasonable optimization
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