Automobile industry new ISIS solenoid valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Automobile industry new ISIS solenoid valve mechanical and electrical net xiao wu the solenoid valve can be used to control the key function, also has high reliability and less than many alternative system cost price advantage, to provide users with more advantages and value engineering. New ISIS electromagnetic valve is dedicated to control including differential lock, engine braking and speakers, all kinds of standard features, also has the key to lifting bridge and engine braking function. The decrease in the number of components is one of the highlights, and contains when compared to the standard model of a component, ISIS, electromagnetic valve, only a component and all packaged in a sealed corrosion cell, greatly reducing the potential leakage paths. At the same time, ISIS, electromagnetic valve, also have trouble-free forward system can withstand strong vibration and extreme environmental conditions, so as to ensure the safety of vehicles, efficient work. In addition, by reducing pipe, connectors, and the cab through requirements, ISIS than typical chassis solenoid valve, small volume, light weight % % array system, saving the cost and space, power engineering advantage. The solenoid valve is suitable for modified already, also apply to the original equipment assembly, can supply v or v. ISIS for easy assembly design goals, is a high-performance electromagnetic valve installed on the chassis, with a 'twist lock' stacked body, easy to extend the array of valve, shows a high value. 'Solenoid valve factory is a national high-tech enterprise, the production of various series solenoid valve belongs to high-tech products. Administrative office in a factory phone
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