Balancing valve applicable occasions

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
1, the boiler ( Or chiller) The balance of water flow in the boiler room ( Or cold water machine room) , generally a few units installed in parallel, because each has different resistance between units, caused by the flow of each unit, the unit can't play the maximum output capacity. At this time should be per boiler ( Or chiller) Install a balance valve, make the design of each unit can get traffic, ensure safe and normal operation of each unit. Connect many sets of cooling tower water chillers, cooling tower each also should install 2, thermal balance valve station of the primary and secondary loop water flow balance in thermal power plants to some thermal station or centralized boiler room heating water system, in order to make the thermal station get the requirement of water flow, should be a ring in the thermal station roadside balance valve on the return pipe installation. In order to guarantee the secondary loop water flow as the design flow, the second ring side outline of thermal station also balance valves should be installed. 3, the district heating network flow balance district heating water pipe network often consists of a boiler room ( Or thermal station) To a number of building heating. By manifold, and several main, with the buildings on the main entrance of branch pipe is connected. Because each building away from heat source system is different, if the lack of effective equipment to remove residual pressure head, and close the loop will make the flow distribution is not in conformity with the design requirements, the proximal overheating, distal too cold. Should be in each and every building main entrance balance valve installation, ensure that small area in the main and flow of the balance between each building. 4, building heating ( Cold) Network flow balance for higher heating ( Cold) Pipe network system, the need to make sure that all of the riser ( Even branch) To meet the design flow, then in the main, main and riser ( And the branch) To install the balance valve.
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