Balancing valve is concept is what?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
Balancing valve in hydraulic conditions, dynamic and static balance adjustment valve. Such as: static balancing valves, dynamic balancing valve. Letter, also called static balance valve balancing valve, manual balance valve, digital locked balance valve, two position regulator, etc. , it is by changing the clearance between the valve core and valve seat ( The opening) , to alter the flow through the valve the flow resistance in order to achieve the purpose of flow adjustment, the role of the object is the resistance of the system, to the new water allocation proportion according to the design and calculation of balance, each branch in proportion to increase or decrease at the same time, still can meet the needs of the current climate under part load of traffic demand, have the effect of thermal equilibrium. Dynamic balancing valve is divided into dynamic flow balance valve, dynamic differential pressure balance valve, their self-reliance type differential pressure control valve, etc. Also called dynamic flow balance valve: flow control valve, self-reliance self-reliance type balance valve, flow valve, automatic balancing valve, etc. , it is according to the system operating mode ( Differential pressure) Changes and automatically changes the resistance coefficient and the differential pressure in a certain range, can be effectively controlled by flow to maintain a constant, namely when the valve before and after the differential pressure increases, the automatic down across the valve action to keep the flow does not increase, on the other hand, reduced when the pressure difference, the valve automatically open, flow according to remain constant, however, when the pressure difference is less than or greater than the scope of the normal work of the valve, it does not provide additional pressure head, flow valve to open or close position at this time is still set low or high flow can't control. Letter mau dynamic differential pressure balance valve, which is also called self-reliance type, differential pressure controller, differential pressure control valve regulated variable synchronizer, differential pressure balance valve, etc. , it is to use function to adjust the valve opening differential pressure, using the pressure drop of the valve core to make up for the pipeline resistance changes, so that can keep the differential basic the same when conditions change, the flow of the principle of it is in a certain range, can be effectively controlled system of constant pressure difference control, namely when the system pressure difference increasing, across the valve automatically shut distortions, it can ensure the controlled system pressure difference increasing, on the other hand, reduced when the pressure difference, the valve automatically open big, differential pressure remains constant. On their differential pressure control valve in control within the scope of automatic valve plug is closed, the valve on both ends of the differential pressure exceeds the set value, the plug automatically open and under the effect of pressure sensitive film, automatically adjust the opening on both ends of the valve differential pressure relatively constant.
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