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by:AIRWOLF     2019-08-30
This cross port ball valve 3-rated for full vacuum service
Due to the cross flow corridor inside the ball, the way design allows for multiple flow modes.
Its size is 1/2-to 2-in.
, Made of PVC, CPVC, PP or polydione, making it a good-
Suitable for handling highly corrosive liquids in various industries.
Its design uses a valve to implement four flow modes through three ports, allowing the flow from the public port to the left or right port to the \"off\" position.
To do this, it used to take two different valve body styles and two different ballasts.
The valve is equipped with an electric or pneumatic actuator, the standard is the \"L\" port, and the three-way dual L port is optional.
Asahi/American company, Ms Ma
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