Ball valve door installation and maintenance is introduced

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-14
Ball valve door installation and maintenance is introduced ball valve door, confirmation of the preparation of 1, before installation to ensure ball valve door installed position on the coaxial position, pipeline flange should keep two pieces of parallel, confirmed the pipeline to withstand ball valve door its weight, if it is found that line can't bear weight ball valve door, is equipped with the corresponding support of the pipeline before installation. 2, confirm whether there is impurities inside the pipeline, welding slag, etc. , must be put inside the pipeline purging and clean. 3, check the ball valve door plate, and the ball valve door open full close several operation, confirmed the valve door works, overall check valve door once again all details, ensure the door is in good condition. 4, remove the protective cover at the ends of the valve gate, check whether the valve body is clean, clean the valve body cavity, because the ball valve sealing surface of the door is ball shape, even small debris may also be the sealing surface damage. 2 1, ball valve, ball valve door installation door can be installed at any section at the upstream end, handle ball valve door may be installed in any position, if the configuration actuator ( Such as gear box, electric - Pneumatic actuators) Ball valve door, it must be installed vertically, the valve door on import and export in a horizontal position. 2, the ball valve gate between flange and pipe flange gasket fitted according to the requirements of pipeline design. 3, flange bolts shall be symmetrical, successive, evenly tighten. 4, if the ball valve door adopt pneumatic, electric actuators, according to the instructions to complete the installation of the air supply, power supply. Three, the ball valve gate check 1, after the installation, after installation, start the ball valve door open and close several times, should be flexible, force uniform, ball valve door work. 2, according to the design requirements, pipeline pressure pressure after the test ball valve gate and the pipe flange joint surface sealing performance. Four, ball valve door maintenance 1, only after the ball valve in front of the unloading pressure, dismantling operation to the ball valve door. 2, the ball valve door decomposition and assembly process again, need to have the protection of the sealing parts, especially the nonmetallic parts, parts like o-rings it is best to use special tools. 3, ball valve gate valve door to assembly to tighten bolts must be symmetrical, gradually and evenly. 4, cleaner should be with the rubber ball valve door parts, plastic parts, metal parts and working medium ( For example, gas) Are incompatible. Working medium is gas, can use gasoline ( GB484 - 89). Clean the metal parts. Non-metallic parts clean with clean water or alcohol. 5, break down of a single component can use the way of baptism to clean. Still left did not break down the non-metallic metal parts can be fine clean clean immersion cleaner silk ( In order to avoid fall off fiber adhesion on the parts) Scrub. When cleaning should remove all adhesion on the surface of grease, dirt, plastic product, dust, etc. 6, non-metallic parts after cleaning shall be immediately removed from the cleaning agent, may soak for a long time. 7, after wash wall cleaning agent to volatilize and after cleaning, Available not soak cleaner silk cloth to wipe) Are assembled, but shall not be shelved for a long time, or it will rust and dust pollution. 8, the new parts also need to be cleaned before assembly. 9, the use of grease lubrication. Grease should be with ball valve door metal materials, rubber parts, plastic parts and working medium are incompatible. Working medium is gas, available for example 221 grease. Besmear in seal installation groove on the surface of a thin layer of grease, apply a thin layer of grease on rubber seal, valve stem seal face and friction surface coated with a thin layer of grease. 10, the assembly should be there is no metal chips, fiber, fat ( With the provisions of the exception) Dust and other impurities, foreign bodies, such as pollution, adhesion, or stay on the parts surface or into the lumen.
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