Ball valve door installation method

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
A, 1, the preparation before installation ball valve in front of the line after prepared. Before and after the pipe shall be concentric, two flange sealing surface should be parallel. Pipe should be able to bear the weight of the ball valve door, otherwise the line must be equipped with appropriate support. 2, before and after the valve pipe purging clean, remove oil pipe, welding slag, and all other impurities. 3, a sign of check valve door, find out the ball valve door is in good condition. Open the valve full close several times to confirm they work. 4, down ball valve on the other side of door protection on the connecting flange. 5, check valve hole clearance may have dirt, then clean the valve hole. Between valve seat and the ball even if only small particles of foreign matter may also damage the valve seat sealing surface. 2, 1, put the valve on the pipeline installation. Any ball valve door at one end can be installed at the upstream end. Handle driven any position on the valve can be installed in the pipeline. But with a gear box or pneumatic ball valve of the drive door shall be installed upright, is installed in a horizontal pipe, and drive in the pipeline. 2, the valve flange and pipe flange gasket fitted according to the requirements of pipeline design. 3, flange bolts shall be symmetrical, successive, evenly tighten. 4, pneumatic pipeline connection ( Using pneumatic drive) 。 Three, after installation check 1, operation drive valve opening and closing the door several times, should be no sluggish acerbity, confirms that they work. 2, according to the requirements of pipeline design and ball valve door between the flange joint surface of the pipes to seal performance tests.
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