Ball valve door removal techniques and assembly tools

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Ball valve door of disassembly and assembly tools, in addition to general screwdriver combination pliers, adjustable wrench and a hammer, there are the following common tools. Wheel wrench: it is to use l’ The following and round steel welded pipe, it is commonly used switch the handwheel. Lock wrench: to lock wrench, points fixed hook spanner, adjustable hook spanner and U form lock wrench. It is used to meter plant sleepy on the nut. Socket wrench: it is composed of the size of ring spanner. Used in difficult position. Special wrench, such as Fried wheel wrench and throw moment drummer. Ratchet wrench when pull (no need to change the Angle. Torque wrench and wave load. When hard pull (elastic deformation, the greater the force deformation is larger. Elastic deformation of the sweat make dial moves the pointer, refers to the amount is greatly too forcibly measure torsion * the wrench can avoid, damaged parts, electric ball valves on the door it is commonly used measurement gasket pre-tightening force. Fixed wrench: it can throw a specification of nut or bolt, the wrench compared with adjustable wrench, it is not easy to damage the nuts and bolts. It wrench, wrench as a whole and the plum flower pull apart.
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