Ball valve installation and maintenance and maintenance of common sense

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Before using, application of water to clean pipe and valve body flow section, to prevent the residual iron filings and other debris into the valve body cavity. Ball valve in the closed state, the body still remain part of the media, are also under certain pressure. Before repair ball valve to shut off ball valve in front of the cut-off valve, open the need to overhaul the ball valve, complete internal pressure release valve body. If is pneumatic ball valves, electric ball valves or should first disconnect the power supply and air supply. General soft sealing ball valves are used four fluorine ( PTFE) As sealing material, hard seal ball valve sealing surface for metal welding and into. If you need to clean pipeline ball valve, need to be careful to prevent damaged during disassembly leak sealing ring. Flanged ball valves, dismantling, flange bolt and nut should be fixed, and then all the nut is a bit tight, * after hard fixed well. As to individual nut to fixed good, then other nut, flange surface between pad surface caused by uneven in the damaged or broken, lead to leak valve flange butt out of the media. If the valve and clean, you should use a solvent and to clean the parts do not conflict, no corrosion. If is for gas ball valve, gas cleaning are available. Other parts generally clean with water can be. When cleaning, thoroughly clean traces of dirt, grease and other attached objects, such as cannot be cleaned with water, but without causing damage to the valve body and component under the premise of targeted detergent for cleaning with alcohol, etc. After the completion of the cleaning detergent such as volatilization completely before assembly. If in use process of filler has a small leak, can be a little to stem nut, stop can be close to leak, do not continue to tighten. In open air for a long time, can lead to the valve body and component rust, can't normal use. Ball valve deposit should be rain, waterproof, moistureproof, and flange cover tightly. Stored for more than 12 months of the valve, when using, should be test again, in order to ensure stable performance. Steam regulating valve repair points of domestic high-end valves from import dependence is not a dream
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