Ball valve valve valve globe valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
1, the ball valve used for pipeline fast cutting, opening and closing fast, simple structure and good sealing; Butterfly valves for low pressure medium pipeline for full open full close, its small size, simple structure, convenient, rapid and reliable sealing for opening and closing; Gate valves used in soda line full and full closed, sealing good but sealing surface wear is not easy to repair, divided into rising stem and non-rising stem. 2, protective valve, safety valve is a kind of security to prevent pipeline overpressure danger, when the medium pressure than risk value, relief valve open automatically discharge medium, step-down to safe range is automatically shut down; Pressure reducing valve for steam pipe, through the open valve hole size on medium throttling decompression; Check valve through the medium pressure automatic open/close the valve to prevent reverse flow of medium; Relief valve, pressure reducing valve and check valve for medium uniflow. 3, cut-off valve to cut off the medium pathway, adjust the medium flow rate and pressure, simple manufacture, low price but flow resistance, poor sealing easy to wear and tear, low into the above; Plunger valve used for sealing demand is high, its sealing good, by the pool structure, convenient and flexible door, maintenance but price is high; Balancing valve adjusting control of heating pipe network's resistance and pressure difference; Installed on the steam trap, or lower end of the pipe is used to eliminate the condensate and the air and prevent from leakage of steam.
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