Bellows globe valve and the common stop valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
, wenzhou valve door co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of ball valve, cut-off valve, relief valve, gate valve gate, check valve, drain valve, butterfly valve door, and so on. Wei valve gate insist on taking market as the core, take honest as fundamental, sincerely welcome all old and new customers to choose, to discuss cooperation! The advantages of corrugated pipe cut-off valve, heat conducting oil is a kind of heat transfer media, because the heat conduction oil has uniform heating, accurate temperature control temperature, can produce high temperature under low vapor pressure, 200 - 400℃) , good effect of heat transfer, saving energy, transportation and convenient operation etc. , are widely used in various industries. Want to consider the characteristics of thermal expansion and other steel products. Given its low pressure, high temperature and permeability characteristics of particularly strong, the larger temperature difference, the design specifications in accordance with the standard technology, heat conduction oil valve bellows seal globe valve should be used. Compared with other heat conduction oil valve door, bellows seal globe valve is mainly to solve the following three problems: 1, because the permeability of heat conduction oil is very strong, About 50 times of steam) , if choose packing seal globe valve, gate valve gate or ball type valve door, is very easy to leak, result in hot oil waste, dirty and ground equipment, and corrugated pipe structure can completely zero leakage, and not wearing parts. 2, because of the high temperature, if choose common ball valve door, internal PTFE is high temperature resistant, ageing rapidly lead to gate valve leakage; And all internal parts material for stainless steel corrugated pipe cut-off valve, resistant to 425 ℃, the switch is also particularly easy. From the overall life expectancy, the general corrugated pipe cut-off valve life in more than 3 years. Therefore, in order to ensure the stability of production, also in order to reduce the operation cost, heat conduction oil system should choose corrugated pipe cut-off valve, cannot choose packing seal globe valve or gate valve gate. In the heat conduction oil system of electromagnetic switch valve valve adopts flameproof, best air line if the copper environment, also can use copper tube, stainless steel can also, special chemical industry even require the use of plastic or nylon air supply line. Protecting tube adopts galvanized pipe. Bellows globe valve adopts the design of the bellows seal, completely eliminates the common valve gate valve stem packing seal aging fast easy leakage faults, not only improve the efficiency of the use of energy, increase production equipment safety, maintenance cost was decreased, and the frequent maintenance, also provides a clean and safe work environment. 3, because the general packing by graphite processing molding, if the purity of graphite is not enough, the oil resistant performance becomes poor, when the heat conduction oil to graphite packing, some impurity in the graphite is easy to heat conduction oil dissolve, graphite powder, graphite packing can't achieve the sealing effect, which is caused by packing the valve of the main causes of frequent leak outside.
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