Bellows globe valve installation and maintenance

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-15
1 only unidirectional flow medium, corrugated pipe cut-off valve, the installation direction. The structure length is greater than the gate door, at the same time, fluid resistance is big, long runs, seal reliability is not strong. 2, corrugated pipe cut-off valve opens, the opening of the valve disc height, is 25% ~ 30% of nominal diameter, flow has reached maximum, said valve door has amounted to full open position. So the cut-off valve in full open position, the valve disc to the trip to decide. 3, corrugated pipe cut-off valve, also known as door, because of the sealing surface friction between the opening and closing process, more durable, opening, manufacturing easy, convenient maintenance, not only suitable for low voltage, and is suitable for high pressure. It is the closing of the principle, rely on the valve rod pressure, valve valve sealing surface and the valve seat sealing surface fit closely, prevent medium circulation. 4, hand wheel, lever operation of corrugated pipe cut-off valve can be installed in any position, hand wheel, handle and wei mechanism, does not allow for lifting. 5, pay attention to is the flow of medium should be consistent with the direction arrow shown in the valve body.
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