Bellows globe valve installation and maintenance matters needing attention

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Bellows globe valve has the following advantages: 1, simple structure, manufacture and maintenance more convenient. 2, small work schedule, opening and closing time is short. 3, good sealing, sealing surface friction between the small, long service life. Bellows globe valve faults are as follows: 1, the fluid resistance is big, required when opening and closing force is larger. 2, does not apply to take larger particles, viscosity, easy to coking of the medium. 3, poor regulation performance. Bellows globe valve installation and maintenance should be paid attention to the following: 1, hand wheel, lever operation of globe valves can be installed in any position. 2, hand wheel, lever and wei mechanism, does not allow for lifting. 3, the flow of medium should be consistent with the direction arrow shown in the valve body
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