Boiler room hot water valves are off claims ms king fruit

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Boiler hot water valves are off claims ms king fruit xinhua wang owew times with doubt, ms king came to the boiler room, downstairs at the cashier's on the second floor, ms king saw work as a clerk, and said that the home is not hot. After listening to the incident, the work staff called in a maintenance staff came to her home with ms king, maintenance staff to open the connection ms king home heating pipe regulating valve on the magnetic locks, the results showed that the valve in the closed state. There has been no heating is very puzzled, when ms king led the plumbers, pushed open the door again, only to find that indoor cold, she came to the kitchen touched the water segregator, is cold. Ms king looked outside the boiler room from the window and found that the boiler room has already started to heat, so, why your home don't have any temperature? Month, ms king royalty - got a call from the s apartment downstairs neighbor, said her toilet is leaking. Ms king immediately rushed to the house, was found inside toilet bathtub with water pipe leaking. Ms king said, 'I feel at home at that time the temperature is low, but also do not care about, that day hasn't started burning furnace, so the temperature didn't come up. Live in yenji railway station around, 'ms king family in nz $apartment building has a set of housing has been idle. Ms king when years in the heating of the pay, pay together and separate and reconstruction expense. Normal boiler heating indoor frozen cold
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