Breathing valve working principle and installation

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-10
Respiration valve working principle of the valve is to use spring limit valve plate, or determined by the positive and negative pressure or breath. And gravity breathing valve, relies on gravity to adjust, when the air pressure inside the container reaches more than the weight when the open the pressure relief valve. Description: when the pressure in the tank is balanced with the atmospheric pressure, breathing valve exhalation valve disc closely cooperate with exhalation outlet valve seat, the suction valve disc is closely cooperate with the inlet valve seat. When the pressure in the tank is more than the atmospheric pressure value ( Too much positive pressure) Of the high-pressure direct effects on breathing valve, tank below the disc, and to overcome the valve flap of gravity and the external pressure acting on the valve disc, can open air valve disc by A channel of the high pressure discharge tank, the tank pressure and atmospheric pressure balance. When the pressure in the tank is lower than atmospheric pressure value ( That had a low negative pressure) , atmospheric pressure through the suction channel B to enter and direct effects on below the suction valve disc, and to overcome the valve disc and gravity ACTS on the valve disc at the top of the tank pressure, can open the suction valve disc to add pressure in the tank, the tank pressure and atmospheric pressure balance. When the fire breaks out, fire source may spread to the storage tank through the inlet, when the flame through the small pore of the flame-resistant core in breathing valve, due to the wall effect, the corrugating plate absorbs a great deal of heat, the heat loss at once, so that the flame is extinguished. Respiration valve installation 1 valve should be installed in the highest point of the air storage tank, in order to reduce the evaporation loss of material and in order to successfully provide the channel to breathing valve is the most direct and most. Usually for a vertical tank, the valve should be installed as far as possible within the scope of the roof the roof, to the roof of the need for thermal insulation layer of storage tank, and can be installed in the ladder near the platform. 2 when need to install two respiration valves, they are with the roof center should be symmetrical layout. If breathing valve to use on the nitrogen can sealing, the nitrogen gas supply pipe to take over the position of interface should be far away from the valve, and insert the storage tank from the top is about 200 mm, that is not directly discharge after nitrogen into the pot, achieve the goal of nitrogen sealed.
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