Butterfly valve door of knowledge

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
The characteristics of the butterfly valve door ( 1) Butterfly valve door adopts lever type opening and closing structure, make the relative sliding between the butterfly valve door seal is very small, reduce the relative wear. ( 2) Butterfly valve door actuator using connecting rod strengthening institutions. This agency in the butterfly valve door is closed, can drive the output torque, and has the self-locking performance, safe and reliable work. ( 3) Structure of metal plane sealing, butterfly valve door has a strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance, suitable for high temperature environment, long service life. ( 4) Butterfly valve door key parts were optimized, making the total number of door opening and closing of the valve can reach 1 & times; More than 106 times. ( 5) Butterfly valve gate control system using non-contact butterfly valve door reed switch, without being limited by the environmental conditions, and sensitive signal, butterfly valve gate high accuracy, can realize remote control, pneumatic control and automatic control, and form a complete set of equipment can realize unmanned operation. Failure and eliminating measures: 1 filler leakage 2 packing gland is too loose, can be evenly to the packing gland nut and tighten. 3 packing ring number is not enough, should increase the packing. 4 packing due to improper use too long or save failure, a new packing should be replaced. 5 leakage between the valve body and disc sealing face 6 sandwiched between sealing surface dirt, can wash to eliminate it. And sealing surface damage should be to welding processing. 8 soft sealing ring is damaged, to replace the new ring. 9 the valve rod rotation is not flexible 10 packing pressure tight, should be appropriate unscrew packing gland nut. 11 gland malposition, make the valve rod stuck, should even budge on the packing gland nut, gland returned to its normal position. 12 the valve stem and valve rod bearing have killed, damage, shall be open to eliminate.
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