Butterfly valve door USES

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-09
Butterfly valve door is derived from the name of the butterfly plate wing agencies. In butterfly valve gate valve door cylindrical channels of the body, disc disc around its axis of rotation, simply turning 90 & deg; You can open and close the valve gate. Butterfly valve gate mainly in the line for cutting and throttling. Butterfly valve door in petroleum, chemical industry, city gas, urban heating, water treatment and other general industrial application is very wide, can also be applied to thermal power condenser and cooling system. Butterfly valve door seal deputy usually use the elastic sealing material such as rubber, plastic, and metal to metal seal form. For elastic seal, seal to be set in the valve body channel, can also be set around the disc. As a cut, sealed performance is significantly superior to metal seal, but resilient sealing material temperature limits. Metal sealing deputy although can adapt high working temperature, life is longer than general elastic sealing butterfly valve door, but it is difficult to be completely sealed, as a result, more commonly used for throttling. Used for cutting metal hard seal butterfly valve door, have more than ten valve door factory production; Due to different seal deputy agency forms, its sealing performance also each are not identical. Butterfly valve gate has the following advantages: 1. Small volume, light weight. Gate valves of the same size and same pressure level and compared to the door, the weight can reduce 30% ~ 50%. 2. Simple structure, quick opening and closing. Orgnaization of butterfly valve door parts is less, more compact,, just put the disc rotate 90 & deg; Can. 3. Adjusting and sealed performance is good, can realize hierarchical control flow, regulating performance. With elastic material such as rubber plastic as a sealing ring, compression, reply the performance good, good sealing. 4. Fluid resistance and operating torque is small. According to the butterfly valve door the flow resistance of the test data, flow resistance is less than in addition to ball valve butterfly valve door door and plug valve, flat gate valve gate and other types of valve gate. In addition, due to the closed disc stress for approximate balance state, with relatively small torque can open valve door, so the operating torque is small. Many different kinds of butterfly valve gate, according to its characteristics and use, generally can be divided into the following two categories: 1. Seal type butterfly valve door the door can guarantee the completely sealed, when closing on the pipe can be cut off, sealing ring usually use rubber or plastic. But at present, our country also adopt sealing ring made of metal material, known as the eccentric double or triple eccentric, also can ensure good sealing performance, as shown in figure 2 9. 2. Non sealing butterfly valve door the door does not guarantee full seal when closed, can only be in the line for throttling. The seal material is usually used in metal. Figure 2 - 10. As a flow control with the butterfly valve door, mostly using metal seal. Have the wafer butterfly valve and pipeline connection door way, double flange and the flange three, but the most commonly used is the wafer and the double flange. The wafer is connected by stud the valve gate between the two flanges in the pipeline. Valve body form for single flange, flange or u-shaped cross section, as shown in figure 2 Figure 2-11 ~ 13. Double the valve gate is bolted flange connection will even end flange connected to the pipe flange respectively, as shown in figure: 2 - 14. Body of the wafer butterfly valve gate valve with u-shaped cross section, if meet above the flange and pipe connection methods, can also be referred to as the flange butterfly valve gate. The mechanism and principle of butterfly valve gate especially suitable for the production of large diameter pipe in large diameter valve gate. At present our country has been able to produce the largest diameter butterfly valve door for DN5350 nominal size. But for tides and ocean thermal energy conversion system of a bigger size, are currently in the process of developing.
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