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Butterfly valve gate way to eliminate leakage

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-15
The fault has a filler of the butterfly valve gate leakage, packing gland is too loose, packing ring, packing due to improper use too long or save failure, leakage between the valve body and disc sealing surface, sandwiched between sealing surface dirt, the sealing surface damage, soft seal damage, the valve rod rotation is not flexible, the tight packing pressure, packing gland malposition, valve stem and valve rod bearing a bite dead, injury, etc. Butterfly valve gate leakage fault elimination method with filler and packing gland is too loose, can be evenly on the packing gland nut tighten; Packing ring number is not enough, should increase the packing. Packing due to improper use too long or save failure, a new packing should be replaced. Between the sealing surface with dirt, can wash to eliminate it. Sealing surface damage should be surfacing welding processing again. Soft sealing ring is damaged, to replace the new ring. Packing pressure tight, should be appropriate unscrew packing gland nut. Packing gland malposition, make the valve rod and should be uniform budge on the packing gland nut, gland returned to its normal position. The valve stem and valve rod bearing have killed, damage, shall be open to eliminate.
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