Buy solenoid valve parameters should know what respect?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Buy solenoid valve parameters should know what respect? Solenoid valve is a kind of control flow medium industrial equipment, widely used in industrial facilities. How to identify the electromagnetic valve equipment performance? Know the following about professional term of electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve purchasing and choose become adept. The sensitivity and reliability of electromagnetic valve products are used to control the flow of medium equipment, so to control the accuracy of the medium has strict requirements, electromagnetic valve need to change the parameters of the medium flow corresponding to allergic reactions. Especially for water with solenoid valve, throttle valve and control valve, solenoid valve in the industry on the usability of become sensitivity and reliability of the test equipment performance key indicators. The more sensitive to the parameters of the medium flow change, the better the sensitivity of the equipment, its reliable performance is stronger also. Explosion-proof explosion-proof solenoid valve refers to all the devices may be lit with explosive gas mixture components sealed inside a shell, to inherit the flammable explosive damage to the solenoid valve. Explosion-proof solenoid valve has the advantage of flame-proof effect, long service life. When the equipment work in explosive environment, must choose to have the corresponding explosion-proof grade of solenoid valve equipment. Focus on the equipment with the burst performance, be sure to ask the manufacturer for explosion-proof electrical production license issued by the state administration of quality supervision and flame-proof certification and verify. At present, Shanghai has a variety of explosion-proof valve industry giant good performance of solenoid valve products for procurement of choose and buy, can also according to customer demand for personalized custom services. Sealing performance of solenoid valve sealing performance refers to the electromagnetic valve of the leakage of sealing parts to prevent medium capacity, as an important index of electromagnetic valve performance. Solenoid valve in industrial production, will face all kinds of working conditions and flow medium, such as water, viscous liquid, corrosive, high temperature medium and steam, so electromagnetic valve sealing parts tightly sealed, will leak is essential for industrial production. If electromagnetic valve sealing is not strong, the leakage accident, not only will loss material, waste of resources, also easy to damage to the environment, even industrial production accidents. When electromagnetic valve products of choose and buy, be sure to compare, select qualified formal manufacturers. Strength performance of solenoid valve performance refers to the ability of solenoid valve under medium pressure, according to work is needed in purchasing varieties of parameter selection principle and structure of electromagnetic valve. Solenoid valve work pressure can be divided into nominal pressure and work pressure, generally manufacturers will explicitly labeled on the electromagnetic valve. Solenoid valve must have sufficient strength and rigidity, deal with complex working environment, to ensure the stability of long-term product performance. So, the strength of the electromagnetic valve is also very important.
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