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BVP Series Air cushioned Black Aluminum alloy BVP-30 BVP-40 BVP-60 Piston impact pneumatic vibrators

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1 piece
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Plastic bags,Boxes, Cartons, Pallets,or according to customer's requirement
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Detailed Description

BVP Piston Vibrator Series Products are using compressed air to push piston from one side to the other side and create frequency vibration. Also the Frequency and amplitude of vibration can be adjusted by Compressed Air. The BVP Piston Vibrator Series Products can using on several applications for Conveyer, Feed-in, Infill, Solid & Sifter in out-door or in-door location, but it couldn't use in liquid.

Features & Benefits
The Min. Air of pressure: 2 bar (29 PSI)
Max. Air of pressure: 6 bar (87 PSI)
The Working Temperature isn't over 100 C (220 F).


BVP series: Air cushioned type, low noise character. It is suitable for quiet area application; a good solution to clog stick onto tank wall and material delivery problem. Also, it can be designed to apply on vibrating separator, conveyer.

BVP series: Piston impact types can get rid of rust, material accumulated inside pipe. And the direct impact on tank with low S.G. with high moisture material inside, material build-up, pipe clog or rust.


To avoid tank wall amplitude caused by vibrator moves in left and right direction, U shape steel of fixer is a good choice. To avoid tank wall broken by vibrator force, stitch weld method is suggested.(10mm blank space will be required on two ends of U shape steel).The side of air exhaust should be down. The vibrator should be fixed by High Tension Screw.  

To fix the vibrator with Spring Washer or Locked Screw, which could avoid any screw loose during Vibrating. Also suggest using the glue to fix it. As the full utilize vibrator performance, appropriate chose for F.R.L. (Filter/Regulator/Lubricator) combination unit, Solenoid Valve, PU Tubing will be necessary.

All vibrator require lubricating oil with low viscosity for "SAE 20" under operating.The lubrication oil need a drop in every 3 minutes (Which lubrication oil could be adjustable by different operation condition).


Please check the Vibrator's Bottom Seal Cover and fixing situation before Starting, which avoid any danger while start Vibrator

Maximum Air Pressure: 6 Bar (87PSI) / Maximum Temperature: 100 C (220 F)

If other instruments are closing the Vibrator, please shut down the Air Pressure Source before installation or maintain the instruments.4.Cause of the fix screw losing on Vibrator, the Vibrator would be making danger to worker.

Please check the lubrication very often. (If lubrication capacity is less than 35%,Please refill it.)

Please use the Type Sealer onto Quick Joint for 2~3 turns, but please leave 2mm in front of screw without the Type Sealer which is avoid any piece of Type Sealer into Vibrator.

To connect with Security Cable if vibrator is installed onto hopper.

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