Can hand operated pneumatic valve be made by any shape, size, color, spec. or material?
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Who knows how to install efficient filters in clean rooms? The installation method of efficient filter in clean room is briefly described by Sicheng (purification!1. when transporting and storing efficient air filters,Should be put on hold in the direction of the factory logo.In the process of transportation, we should take it lightly,Prevent violent vibration and collision,So as not to cause human damage.2. before the installation of the efficient filter,Clean rooms must be cleaned, wiped, and cleaned. if there is dust inside the air conditioning system,Should be cleaned and wiped again,Meet the cleaning requirements.If you install an efficient filter in a technical mezzanine or ceiling,The technical mezzanine or ceiling should also be thoroughly cleaned and wiped.3. after the clean room and purified air conditioning system meet the cleaning requirements,The air conditioning system must be tested.Continuous operation for more than 12 h,Install the efficient filter immediately after cleaning and wiping

Does the residential property have the right to prohibit the owner from installing the pre-value filter in the pipeline well? Right, the pipeline well is a public space, not an individual, the individual owner cannot occupy the public space, the public part is managed by the property company.
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