Can turbo pulse valves be installed easily?
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Detailed process of filtering operation The precautions for filtering operations are:One stick: the filter paper is close to the inner wall of the funnel, do not leave bubbles;Two low: a. the edge of the filter paper is lower than the funnel mouth, and B. the liquid level of the filter fluid is lower than the edge of the filter paper;Three rely: a. The Beaker to filter the liquid is close to the drain glass rod, B. The end of the glass rod should be gently tilted on the side of the three-layer filter, c. The lower end of the funnel is close to the inner wall of the beaker.Filtration is a common method in industry and a common method for separating mixtures in chemical experiments.Filtration is a common method of separating solids and liquids that are not soluble in water. First, how to choose the funnel and filter paper? The size of the funnel mainly depends on the amount of precipitation to be filtered or the amount of solids to be precipitated, rather than looking at the volume of the liquid. If the am

What is the working principle of automatic self-cleaning filter? What components are the main components inside the housing? In a hurry !!! The working principle of automatic self-cleaning filter isThe water to be treated by the fully automatic self-cleaning filter enters the body from the inlet, and the impurities in the water are deposited on the stainless steel filter screen, resulting in differential pressure. The pressure difference between the inlet and outlet is monitored by the pressure difference switch. when the pressure difference reaches the set value, the electric controller signals the hydraulic control valve and the driving motor, causing the following actions: the motor drives the brush to rotate and cleans the filter element, at the same time, the control valve is turned on for sewage discharge. the whole cleaning process only lasts for tens of seconds. when the cleaning is over, the control valve is turned off, the motor stops turning, the system returns to its initial state and begins to
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