Capacitor energy storage type high speed solenoid valve driver circuit research reports

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Capacitor energy storage type high speed solenoid valve driver circuit reported the development of the Polaris network high speed solenoid valve Eva high pressure common rail fuel injection system is one of the development direction of diesel engine. The system by controlling the fuel common rail pressure and fuel injector for quick opening and closing to ensure that the engine fuel injection quantity and injection timing, accurately meet the requirements of the ideal fuel injection rate. Key to perform device is high speed solenoid valve, and its current response characteristics determine its drive circuit shall meet the following basic requirements. , the electromagnetic valve open top energy excitation power driver module should be injected energy to the electromagnetic valve at a rate as high as possible, to ensure that the electromagnetic valves produced in the process of opening large enough electromagnetic force, shorten the response time. , electromagnetic valve opening, because of work air gap is smaller, the magnetic circuit magnetic resistance is very low, keep going into the small electromagnetic coil current can generate enough electromagnetic force to ensure the reliable of the electromagnetic valve to open. Small keep current can reduce energy consumption, reduce the heating coil, is advantageous to the fast electromagnetic valve closed at the same time. Above all, the electromagnetic valve drive circuit design requirements in the different working stages of solenoid valve should keep the corresponding ideal drive current. The common electromagnetic valve drive circuit is roughly divided into adjustable resistance type, double voltage, pulse width modulation and double voltage pulse width modulation. The adjustable resistance type drive circuit structure is simple but power consumption is larger, dual voltage power consumption reduced but still not ideal. Pulse width modulation and double voltage pulse width modulation adopts PWM to control the solenoid valve to keep current, greatly reduce the power consumption. Compared with the pulse width modulation, the benefits of the dual voltage pulse width modulation is to be provided by the battery current, electromagnetic valve to reduce the load of DC/DC booster circuit. However, the above several common problems of the driving circuit is difficult to ensure that in the case of fuel injection pulse-width temporal overlap solenoid valve normally open. This is because when two injection signals overlapping on phase, all the way solenoid valve of the conduction will lead to a DC/DC booster circuit instantaneous voltage drop, then the voltage will not be able to keep the other electromagnetic valve normally open all the way. In the background of this article topic, duplex respectively before and after the diesel high pressure common rail rotor machine equipped with dual fuel injector, namely the ignition fuel injector and the main injector control individually, and two way injector fuel injection timing overlap in the part of the work. So need to design and develop a new type of drive circuit, in order to ensure the fuel injector can work normally in this part of the case, which ensure that the injection timing and accurate injection quantity. The first page of the first page, pp
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