Causes for oscillation of stainless steel valves, was so!

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Causes for oscillation of stainless steel valves, was so! The cause of stainless steel valve oscillation there are several kinds roughly: 1. When single-seat regulating valve of stainless steel spring stiffness is insufficient, single-seat regulating valve stainless steel output signal is not stable, easy to cause single-seat regulating valve stainless steel oscillations. 2. Choose valve at the same frequency and system frequency. 3. Pipe and a violent vibration, stainless steel valve vibration. 4. Improper selection, stainless steel valve working in small open degree there is a sharp change of flow resistance, flow velocity, pressure, when more than valve stiffness, poor stability, serious when produce oscillation. So we need to do: 1. Increase the opening work is beginning to use the valve as far as possible when working on the biggest opening, in the original impurities such pipe erosion and wear of damage occurred outside the valve core is damaged parts, remove the impurities in the pipeline, and then adjust the valve opening to a larger place, normal opening with fluid damage to the valve core, the flow rate increased, the opening of the reduced accordingly to such damage, gradually close, make the whole valve core, make full use of until the valve core roots and sealing surface damage, cannot use. 2. Cleaning pipe welding slag, rust, lime slurry pipeline solidification pulp are, wire, cloth and other body parts in throttling mouth, guide fractured cause blocked or jammed the valve core, and often occur in the early new operation system and put into operation after overhaul. This is the most common fault. Encounter this situation, it is necessary to remove for cleaning, remove the slag content, such as the sealing surface damage should also grinding; Open the bottom plug at the same time, in order to develop residue, and the pipeline to wash. Before put into operation, let the valve fully open, after a period of time to let the medium flow in normal operation. 3. Transfer damage location transferred to a secondary position, destroyed the place with protection valve core seat sealing surface and the surface of the throttle. Usually erosion is the most serious stainless steel valves, the fastest part of fluid velocity is the bottom of the fluid imported parts.
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