China bidding procurement navigation network authorization meter solenoid valve purchase for announcement

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
China bidding procurement navigation network authorization release instrument announcement solenoid valve solenoid valve bid procurement tender procurement announcement solenoid valve factory of China public bidding navigation network time to sign up as district jilin project name meter solenoid valve a tender documents, instrument of solenoid valve (2) mark specifications number material number name specifications unit quantity unit price ( No tax) Total price/electromagnetic valve. 。 。 。 The Bar a solenoid valve SACV a solenoid valve. MPaDCV( Cylinder) A two five-way solenoid valve /. 。 。 。 ,VDC,. W a two tee explosion-proof solenoid valves MOOUAEPU a total sum ( Inclusive of delivery charges, packing, no tax) ( Indicate the rate) Indicate the detailed coordination &liaision instead indicate the tenderers, bidders, contact the tender requirements, must according to the specific model bidding tender documents or as a pass mark, detailed time, marked the arrival of the group's logistics center, bidding indicate the inclusive of delivery charges to the buyer, delivery, packing, no tax unit price and total price, terms of payment of the goods after the acceptance of full payment by %, the rest of the paid % used as quality retention money later have no problem, the products must ensure the quality, and conform to the relevant product standard of the factory, as a result of product quality problems bring any loss to the buyer is responsible by the supplier, bidding unit of the product must meet the parameters provided in the tender documents, bid documents related to the product with technical specifications, technical documents as attachments as an integral part of contract, contract with the contract together with relevant legal effect, if there is any unclear matters, please contact the buyer as soon as possible call the requirements, the supplier, please read the tender documents, bid on electronic commerce as soon as possible
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