China's gas demand in 2035 is expected to one of the top three in the world

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
The international gas union ( IGU) Secretary-general thor Mr For said, China's future demand for safe, cheap, environmental protection energy will become very big, is expected in 2035 China will become after Russia and the United States the world's third largest producer of natural gas. 12 in the afternoon in langfang city, hebei province & other; 2013 China international pipeline assembly & throughout; , the international gas union secretary general thor he because of the global natural gas industry development trend is prospected. He said, the whole society needs energy supply 24 hours a day, but in recent years the rapid development of renewable energy is difficult to meet demand, mainly exist deficiency production capacity. Among them, the wind power production capacity is about 30%, the production capacity of 10 - solar energy Can reach 90-15%, and natural gas 100%. Natural gas, by contrast, is a better clean energy. “ Natural gas is a big demand in Asia, including China's demand is the first. China's natural gas reserves, not only the safety of oil and gas transmission. ” Thor he said, in recent years, China's natural gas supply capacity is growing. , he thought, as the growth of the world population, and the rise of the middle class, people will also increase to the requirement of urban air quality, and natural gas as a cheaper clean energy, its application will become more widely in the future. Link url: WWW. zjxmfm。 com
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