China's valve industry new opportunities development prospect

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
China is an important supplier of pumps, pump exports have accounted for about 1/10 of world exports. The whole pump equipment imports from the United States in a quarter from China, imports of 1/5 pump parts from China. It is important to pump market in China, the pump products account for 1/10 of the world pump market. It is understood that in the next 10 years, pump industry needs annual growth rate of about 6%, which China will accelerate the growth of demand. Pumps, valves, as an essential part of environmental protection water treatment process of mechanical equipment, will strongly promote our country's environmental protection construction, power & other; The 12th five-year plan & throughout; , the implementation of the new industrialization development path, according to the direction of resource saving and environment friendly society development, the next 20 years, the world's energy industry to spend nearly $7. 6 trillion, in which China will account for 40%, to nearly 20 trillion yuan. It certainly meant a energy-saving environmental protection industry of valve are entering a & other; Unprecedented & throughout; The development of the good chance. The pump valve, fluid machinery, as an important part to promote the development of green low carbon, will create a better market for domestic and foreign enterprises involved in opportunities. Industry new opportunities development prospect of domestic Chinese pump valve valve market 50 billion yuan foreign one 5 warm congratulations on thick pu valve for * * * certificate dIICT5 explosion-proof solenoid valves
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