Coal mine gas power generation technology in China will be further promoted

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
For the implementation of the National Development and Reform Commission about the utilization of coalbed methane ( Coal mine gas) The work of the implementation opinions for generating electricity, improve the level of gas power generation equipment manufacturing, energy administration, National Development and Reform Commission in Beijing organized gas (coal mine Coalbed methane) Power generation equipment workshop, further promotion of coal mine gas power generation technology communication. Conference pointed out that the national power industry policy to encourage coal mine pit coal mine gas power generation projects. Encourage the capacity of 500 mw and above the gas generator set, the development capacity of 1000 kw or more diesel sets, as well as high power, high parameter and high efficiency, strong stability of coal-bed methane gas turbine generator set. Meeting puts forward five Suggestions, one is for low concentration gas utilization safety technical standards as soon as possible; The second is to develop gas generating equipment related safety certification standards and certification system; 3 it is to speed up the development of low concentration gas utilization and the mine air waste recycling of CDM methodologies; Four is to carry out the 1000 kw or more efficient cold heat comprehensive utilization of electric power plant gas power generation, spent mine cooling equipment of the system such as research and development and utilization of the wind; The fifth is to enhance the stability of the generator set to run and continuity of the after-sales service. Coal mine gas power generation technology in China will further promote crude oil pipeline in a phase ii station pipeline valve factory delivery in petrochina and sinopec shen drum listed into the preparation
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