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Combination ball valves can be customized

Combination ball valves can be customized


Pneumatic ball valves can be installed anywhere in the pipeline, and pneumatic ball valves have evolved from plug valves. It has the same 90 degree rotational motion, but the difference is that the rooster body is spherical, with circular through holes or channels through the axis. The ratio of the sphere to the channel opening should be such that when the sphere rotates 90 degrees, all spheres exist at the inlet and outlet to prevent flow. This type of valve can be installed anywhere in the pipeline.

Pneumatic ball valves only need to use a pneumatic actuator to rotate 90 degrees with the air source, and can be tightly closed with a very small rotational torque. The identical inner chamber of the valve provides a straight flow path with minimal resistance to the medium. Usually, ball valves are considered the most suitable for direct opening and closing. The main characteristics of ball valves are compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, suitable for common working media such as water, solvents, acids, and natural gas, as well as media under harsh working conditions such as oxygen and hydrogen peroxide.

The valve body of a ball valve can be integrated or combined. Pneumatic ball valves overcome the problem of short service life and easy damage to traditional pneumatic ball valves in existing working environments.

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