Common cleaning of stainless steel valves, to bring you know a few

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Common cleaning of stainless steel valves, to bring you know valve can be according to the material is divided into several iron valves, cast steel valves, stainless steel valves, valve of chrome molybdenum steel, chrome molybdenum vanadium steel, dual phase steel valves, plastic valves and valve non-standard custom-made valves, etc. It can be used to control air, water, steam, all kinds of corrosive medium, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive medium such as various types of fluid flow. For stainless steel valve parts assembled in front of the clean main point: 1. All parts must be degreased process; 2. According to process requirements, some parts need to do polishing processing, surface can't be machining burrs, etc. ; 3. Degrease pickling passivation after completing, detergent does not contain phosphorus; 4. Pickling with purified water is rinsed clean, cannot have drug residues, carbon steel parts can save this step; 5. Dry individually parts with non-woven fabric, not the cable MAO retained components such as surface, or with clean nitrogen blow drying temperature control valve; 6. With non-woven fabric or precision filter analysis of pure alcohol to wipe components one by one, until no dirty color. Stainless steel valve pipe cleaning essentials: 1. Purge method should be in accordance with the requirements of the use of stainless steel pipe valve, pipe conveying medium type, degree of dirt on the surface of the pipe. Purge sequence generally according to the director, branch pipe, water pipe in turn; 2. Valve in the pipe system is not allowed to purge the pipe fittings, such as throttle valve, instrument, filters, check valve, etc. , should be temporarily removed properly kept, temporary use short tube connected to electric three-way valve, stay again after purge qualified mount. Do not allow the purge of equipment and piping should be from the purge system; 3. Purging pressure generally shall not exceed the working pressure pipeline system, and shall not be less than 25% of the working pressure, large pipe should not be lower than 0. 6mpa; 4. Purge the medium should be used according to the design requirements or according to the usage and construction conditions to choose the valve pipe; 5. Purge, non-ferrous metals, non-metallic pipe, the application of hammers wall ( The appropriate stainless steel pipe with a wooden hammer dynamic balance of electric control valve) , especially for weld, corner and bottom part should focus on beating, but will not damage the pipe; 6. Purge the demands to tube eduction of clean water. When using compressed air purge, should guarantee the system within the medium flow rate is not less than 20 m/s, put white paper or cloth at outlet check, such as its within 5 min without rust, dust and other dirt tracks for qualified; 7. After purge qualified, should fill in purge records, and pay attention to the regulations in addition to do check and back to work, not affect tube clean other operations.
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