Common DCF model failure analysis

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Common DCF model electromagnetic valve failure analysis times common fault analysis inspection method in the diagnosis of general solenoid valve problem, need to do some work such as determine whether water is open, the controller is connected and set the program is correct, the electromagnetic valve on the flow regulating handle is open, and then USES the manual try, if manual electromagnetic valve can work properly, the problem may be out in the controller or cable. Solenoid valve can not close it may have two reasons. One physical barriers, such as some gravel, leaves of branches, to prevent the diaphragm seal completely, after remove these obstacles, need to check whether there is damage to the diaphragm and accessories. Second part in the diaphragm of the pressure is too small, there may be several reasons below, the diaphragm chamber inlet strainer plug. This will prevent water from entering the diaphragm chamber, does not produce enough water pressure to close the diaphragm. , flow regulating handle up too high, Opening the biggest) 。 So in the case of low flow/low pressure, the diaphragm may hang in the high position, but not sealed. Up and down, the electromagnetic valve untight seal between the valve body. Water leaking from them easily, which is unfavorable to produce enough pressure to close the diaphragm. On the water, the electromagnetic valve in manual mode. Inches of solenoid valve has two kinds of manual operating mode ( Water, water) Outside water, usually easy to recognize, and for general water within the customer is not easy to detect. , in the diaphragm has punch ( Only refers to the well flow valve) 。 In the interior diaphragm cannot produce enough pressure to close the diaphragm. Carefully check, if necessary, replace the diaphragm. , installation direction is not correct. PSKEE electromagnetic direction of the arrow on the valve is in the direction of flow. , the electromagnetic valve cannot open basically has the following two reasons. One may be the central flow regulating handle rotation is too tight, not opened. The second is on the diaphragm chamber pressure is not released. Here are some possible reasons, damage of electric magnetic head. At this point the multimeter to measure the electrical magnetic head resistance value is essential, so we can determine the stand or fall of electric magnetic head. , the damage of the diaphragm ( Only under the flow valve) 。 Holes in the diaphragm will cause the diaphragm chamber into the water more than from the electric magnetic head drain out water. , the electric magnetic head into the drain (under There is a filter) Or are connected to the diaphragm chamber on the channel is blocked. Which prevents the diaphragm on the indoor water emission, pressure can't reduce. The paper clip can be cleaned. , add on electromagnetic voltage is not enough ( Should not be lower than ACV 。 There may be a wiring problem ( Wire size is too small, pressure drop is too big) Or directly buried wire connections between problem ( There is leakage) 。
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