Containing particulate medium pneumatic valves should how to choice?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
In the modern industrial automation control system, there are many occasions medium in the case of hard particles generally regulator on this occasion, soon wear serious, even scrapped. In coal liquefaction plant, for example, liquefied coal slurry need switch and continuous control, in the metallurgical industry, pneumatic conveying ore powder need continuous control, there are many similar occasions, the liquid and gas medium contains a lot of hard particle medium, the medium to flow control and flow control, for similar applications should be how to choose pneumatic valve? 1, the switch control can choose ceramic ball valve or prevent particle design metal hard seal ball valve, trims special hardening treatment. 2, V adjustments of the adjustment control can choose hard seal ball valve, trims special hardening treatment, especially to pay attention to the prevention of axial grain design, in order to prevent the shaft card dead. 3, if the medium containing particles, and require continuous operation, and even of the fluid is corrosive chemical medium, so if use metal valve ( Either stainless steel or hard alloy) Can have a leak due to wear and tear, affecting the service life of the valve and the daily production, more important is because the particles and metal in the process of wear and tear easily produce metal affinity, and make the pipe blockage, these problems are a fact of life, to fundamentally solve the problem, you should use industrial ceramic valve. > The basis of correct selection of valve electric device & gt; Electric valve leakage and the leakage problems & gt; Gas integration or will become the mainstream of electric valve & gt; Installation and adjustment the electric ball valve & gt; Pneumatic control valve is, the counteraction way
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